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“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” Or so said Albert Einstein.

He was of course absolutely right. Change is so often a huge challenge, be it on a public or personal level. Throughout history people have resisted all sorts of changes for no better reason than ‘things are just fine the way they are.’ But change is the key to progress. The need to constantly explore the boundaries and push them further is vital to our growth and to the development of humanity as a whole.

It annoys me great then when I see situation of people resisting something that will obviously be good. People are all so very different. That is what makes life interesting, the fact that people aren’t all woven together in harmony like some wicker basket. Individuals pull in different directions and force changes to be made. Their struggles and their challenges make us sit up and take notice. However people will resist change to what is known and comfortable. Risk can end up as loss, and no one wants to lose. People who are different usually end up being seen and treated as troublemakers. Some end up eventually towing the line, others refuse to be shaped by the machine, and a few actually end up re-shaping the machine itself.

Apple Computer’s ‘Think different’ ad campaign made no sense to me at first. I thought the money would be better telling people the facts like nothing Pentium can offer touched the new Mac G3 processor. However the ‘Think different’ campaign has become somewhat of an inspiration to me of late, an unexpected voice of encouragement… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]