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June 1998

Meanwhile articleSunday, June 28th, 1998, (9:52 pm)

Meanwhile : Articles written by Simon Jones

So after more than nine months of diligent and loyal service, my soon to be former employers have decided to can me after my contract of employment with them expires on the 3rd of July. That outcome is sad but I fear completely predictable.

So after such an amount of time why is it that the powers that be have not chosen to extend my contract in the light of their shortage of people to do my job. Well the reason is clear. It all comes down to a strange but obvious character clash between myself a senior manager who for the sake of this ‘meanwhile‘ I’ll call Janet Small.

Miss Small is an academic who enjoys, with great glee, her academic and management status. Academia is a comfortable place for her and she worked hard to get where she is. She didn’t do all those years at Universities to have some upstart like me come in the back door of opportunity. If I want it, I should be made to sweat blood and tears just like she did.

Perhaps I am being harsh on the Little captain? Maybe I’m not? All I know is that, while I have been at this place I have encountered much of what I understand is a common problem within education establishments. The problem of educational snobbery. If you have a degree and suck up to all the right people then you’ll go far (or as far as anyone who works in education can). If you don’t… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]

Meanwhile articleMonday, June 22nd, 1998, (9:54 am)

Meanwhile : Articles written by Simon Jones

I am not a soccer fan, not even slightly. But even I, despite all my efforts, haven’t been able to avoid the World Cup, or as it’s being branded, ‘France 98’. Only someone on another planet (or perhaps in the United States.. mind you that is a different planet isn’t it!?) would have been able to escape the distant strains of a television commentator reeling of an endless succession of footballers names that all seem to end in ‘io’.

But were already quite a bit into the world cup and so far I have managed to remain surprisingly clueless about the whole thing. I don’t even know how long it’s been going on for! In fact all I do know is that England play Argentina this Tuesday and that the British fans only have a ticket allocation of 2000 for that game. (In a stadium that seats 70,000). If I were asked to bet on who would win the whole damn thing… Well I’d say Brazil or Argentina. Why, well kuz they always seem to win don’t they… Don’t they?

The negotiations for the media rights to ‘France 98’ all began 11 years ago. Back then no one had an inkling that the medium that brings you ‘meanwhile’ would be in existence. The internet was then called (if I am not mistaken) the ARPAnet, and it was pretty much the sole property of those conspiring chaps in the US military.

TV companies, radio stations and advertisers alike all paid out literally billions for the privilege of covering and advertising in the world wide football feeding frenzy that would certainly go hand in hand with every goal scored. With the media issue ‘in the net’ FIFA (the governing body of the sport) only had to make sure everything else went according to plan then rake in the profits.

But hold on, what about… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]