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May 2001

Meanwhile articleSunday, May 13th, 2001, (5:10 pm)

Meanwhile : Articles written by Simon Jones

So hey, I have a new (to me) car! Not the biggest news in the world, I’ll admit that, but big news in my world I can tell you. It’s another Cavalier and is some 12 years old, but for just a hundred and fifty quid (that means UK pounds in case you don’t know), it was a bargain.

No money actually changed hands in this case though. The car was part of a debt pay off and the MOT test plus the welding needed to get it through that, was paid for by me offering to design the garages website for free. Sounds like a dodgy deal, but in actual fact, this car is the most un-dodgy vehicle I have ever owned.

It’s got anti lock braking, power steering, fuel injection, central locking, a sun roof, electrical heated and operated mirrors and best of all… electric windows! I have never had a car with electric windows before! Perhaps the fact that I am so excited about having a car with electric windows will demonstrate just how bad all my previous vehicles were. Even the last car I had (which by my standards was considered as sensible), had the annoying habit of filling the passenger side foot well with water when it rained. But not my new car. No, this new car is actually pretty darn posh for me!

Perhaps though, it is about time I had a sensible car though. A four door hatchback with electric windows is surely what all sensible folk my age should be driving. I could fit my kids, my wife, our dog and the in laws in this car at a push! However there is one small thing lacking from my new found sensibleness…. that would be the statutory kids, wife, dog and in laws. Somehow I have managed to stave them off up to this point, but maybe the worm has turned? Maybe the sensible blue car with electric windows is the landmark that will hail an all new sensible period in the life of Simon Jones. After all I am 30 now!

I suppose now I have the sensible car I should consider… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]

Meanwhile articleSaturday, May 12th, 2001, (6:59 pm)

Meanwhile : Articles written by Simon Jones

Every so often you have a day that when you climb into bed at night you think to yourself ‘that was a perfect day’. Today was one such day.

The heat of sunrays beaming through my slightly open window woke me this morning. I was staying over at a friend’s house that overlooks the River Mersey toward Liverpool. She was already downstairs in the kitchen and as I got dressed I could smell the aroma of fresh coffee. The day was certainly off to a great start.

I wandered downstairs just as my friend was setting up breakfast on her garden table. Some kind of world music, typical of Liz-anne’s taste, was playing on her stereo as we sat outside chatting, eating toast and marmalade, drinking coffee and watching ships coming down the River Mersey in the now scorching sun. This wasn’t a breakfast to rush, and neither of us had any plans to do so.

At about a quarter to eleven I headed off to the beach on my own to take a few pictures and enjoy the sun, which was making its first major appearance of the year. New Brighton beach might not be the most amazing place in the world, but this morning it was superb. Hot and not at all crowded. In fact it would best be described as nearly deserted thanks to the fact that today is the FA Cup final. I walked along the beach watching huge ships coming and going, disturbed only by the occasional squawk of a seagull. My perfect day was on track… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]