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The worst thing about flying, and we’re talking coach class here, is that there is simply no room to do anything worth doing. Sure, the airline lay on a few movies with free drinks, but while the people in business and first class enjoy many comforts, back here in coach we’re all trying to find that ever elusive Mecca that is the ‘comfortable position’.

Still, that aside, somehow I am sitting here with my iBook on my lap writing another instalment to my not very well kept up website, ‘meanwhile‘. The cabin around me is full, a mixture of Brits all making their way to the land of the free for their vacations, and Americans on their way home, or so I suppose.

The guy sitting next to me is the ‘famous in his field’ wedding cake creator, Nick Lodge. He said he’ll give me his card when we touch down in Atlanta, it has his website on so I can gain a little knowledge about the art of what he does, which as I say, has something to do with expensive wedding cakes.

Actually, this guy seems to… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]