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I haven’t written anything in ages. Where does time go I wonder. You know what it’s like, you look back and BANG, a month has passed, before you know it BANG, two months gone , right there!

Actually I joined a gym last month, so that explains where a good proportion of my free time has gone. With the membership costing me nearly fifty pounds a month I am determined to get my money’s worth out of it, and so far I’ve been going about three times a week. It’s pretty good fun actually. I have to say the first couple of weeks were awful, I’d go and do my workout program damn near killing myself in the process. But I quickly saw my body tone up and I have to confess that I found that very rewarding.

Now I sail through my given workout, so I have added some new machines to the program. I’m currently trying to regain my six pack which was, as I recall, only ever a four pack. In fact after just one week of doing that new ‘six pack machine’ I have seen a difference, though I’m concerned that my four pack may only be a two pack now.

I have to confess though that the whole fitness freak lifestyle has remained just the other side of my understanding. Like everyone I see people jogging and stuff and I think to myself why would anyone do that. Joining the gym was something I did more for the relaxation factor than anything else. I have finally gotten to a point where I can afford to be a member of such a place, so why not. I never expected for one minute to actually get as much enjoyment out of punishing myself as I apparently do.

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