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When people get married they make a promise to stay together, only to be parted by death. They’re in love, that’s why they get married in the first place. But making a promise if often far easier than keeping one, and when you’re talking in relation to the rest of your life is it wise or even realistic to make promises at all?

When and if I ever get married, I would like to think that it really would last forever. But then doesn’t everyone who gets married think like that? Maybe that’s the problem, maybe people look at marriage more as a ‘here and now’ situation these days rather than a ’till death’ promise.

Divorce is seen, from the outside at least, to be so easy now that if your marriage does start to go wrong you could easily just walk away from it, no harm done. But rarely has a lie ever been so well disguised. Out of all the divorces there have been, it must be the smallest fraction that have been as simple and painless as the parties involved might have hoped.

In the past few weeks one of my closest friends has made the decision to leave his wife. I’m not about to write about his reasons for this, that stuff is of course deeply personal. But as his friend I felt completely unqualified to help him deal with what must have been the hardest most painful decision of his life. He is the second of my friends to go through a marriage breakdown, but the first who I have been significantly close to.

We chatted quite a bit before he made his decision. I knew there had been rough patches before but nothing ever seemed this serious. His tone was different… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]