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Well, I am now officially part of the Ikea generation, complete with birchwood tables, cream colored sofas, plants in attractive pots, candles, a rug and decorative bowls full of stones. Though it’s worth noting, rather than paying for a little bag of assorted stones I actually went to a beach at Penmon Point on the Isle of Angelsey in North Wales and picked my own stones.

I have a new lounge. It might not normally be the kind of thing that would merit a ‘meanwhile’ but as a friend pointed out just last night, I haven’t written anything in quite some time, so my new lounge and enrollment into the Ikea generation seems like a worthwhile subject right now.

In years to come I know I’ll read this back to myself and cringe at the fact that I am so excited to have gotten a bunch of new furniture from Ikea of all places. I know it’s not a classy place and in the grand scheme of things it’s a pretty cheap place, though for now I shall call it ‘cost effective.’ But what I should perhaps remind my future self is that this is somewhat of a minor defining moment in my life, a juncture when I crossed a threshold from living in an apartment of thrown-together things accumulated from charity shops, cheap ex-catalog outlets and by means unknown or perhaps best forgotten. In this, my new lounge, I chose all the furniture and bought it brand new all at once, albeit from Ikea.

I feel like I’ve been on one of those programs where arty people come into your home and remodel a room on an impossibly small budget. Except in this case… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]