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October 2004

Faith & Religion and Meanwhile articleFriday, October 15th, 2004, (12:10 am)

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It’s going to come as a horrible surprise to some Church going folk when they eventually die and get to stand infront of God only to find the ol’ guy is butt naked! If the Bible is to be believed there is every reason to believe that he could be, after all God didn’t cloth Adam and Eve. In the book of Genesis we’re told “The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” It was only when Adam and Eve committed the ‘original sin’ did they suddenly feel the need to cover their naked bodies.

However, despite the fact that under our clothes we’re all naked, Christian Church going folks are still easily offended by the site of skin. In fact their need to feel offended often stretches beyond actual nudity and to words to describe body parts. For example a lot of Christians cringe uncomfortable when they hear words like tits, boobs, ass, etc.

I’m not saying that I feel we should all throw off our clothes and walk around naked, that’s a ridiculous notion. For starters we’re not all models are we. I mean try to imagine everyone in your Church naked, singing praise and worship songs as naked as the day they were born. With that thought in mind it’s easy to see how a Christian might be offended by the prospect of naked flesh.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that there are surely better things in life for a good God fearing Christian church-goer to get wound up about other than a little bit of nakedness?

I heard recently that a Christian looked at a comment I made on a friends blog… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]

General and MusicFriday, October 1st, 2004, (6:07 pm)

I would try and make this post though provoking and about the objectification of the female. I could write about how the video’s below really morally corrupt. But that would be bullshit. I posted them here for entirely shallow reasons which any red blooded male will surely understand?

The first track by Eric Prydz is lyrically, and very possibly musically, awful. But what makes my recent purchase of the DVD single a worthwhile use of £1.99 is the gratuitous ass shots! The video is the kind of thing that as a teenage boy back in the 80’s, I used to dream of! Hot women in ‘work out’ spandex! Stand back ladies, this is blood pumping dangerzone.

Of course it’s not the hottest video you’ll see on MTV. Junior Jack (the second one featured below) get two fine young ladies all the way nekid in his ‘Stupidisco’ video. But as fun as naked ladies are, it’s that whole 80’s mixup that starts my engines!

I loved the 80’s. Girls were like these things that could only be looked at, I use the term “things” very losely you understand. I was still pretty much too young and too much of a fashion refugee to be able to actually do anything more than stare at them. The only naked female flesh I would see for pretty much all of the shoulder pad years were in the pages of dodgy magazines purchased from Scott, the high school porn dealer.

By the time I got my first girlfriend into her birthday suit, the 80’s were fast approaching their final moments on stage. And lovely as she was, she was no spandex wearing, big haired, sweaty aerobic workout girl. She was more of your Laura Ashly ‘what if we get caught’ kind of a girl.

The 80’s are coming back though you know. So who knows, now that I am old enough to actually have a gym membership, maybe I’ll get a second bite of the cherry, no pun intended.

Uncensored version of Stupidisco [nudity]
Eric Prydz follow up single

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