President Bush has banned all web users outside of the United States from viewing his election campaign website for “security reasons.”

According to the BBC, the blocking began early on Monday so those outside the US trying to view the site got a message saying they are not authorised to view it. However the security measures were put in place in a slap-dash half-baked manner to which the world has become accustom to seeing from America. Many of the alternative addresses for the site still allowed overseas viewers (and those alleged security risks?) to view the propaganda pages of Bush’s site.

The news of this rather xenophobic so called security measure has once again stirred feelings around the world that Bush is perhaps less than honest in his dealings with the American people and the world. Indeed many see this as yet another example of how shockingly arrogant the Bush administration and ‘America’ have been in the last four years.

The worldwide interest in Americas forthcoming vote appears more keen than ever before, some might suggest because the rest of the world desperately want to see Bush ousted from leading America. And as the vote already looks like it could all end up in court and controversy again us non Americans are wondering how on earth America can seriously stand proud and claim to be the leaders of democracy and the free world.

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