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A few nights ago I was watching some TV coverage of the U.S. Presidential election battle which is soon to draw to a close as Americans go to the polls on November the second. In the coverage, some people from a church in Arizona were asked about Bush and The War Against Terror (which has the ironic acronym TWAT). Their answers left me quite literally stunned.

They gave their full support for Bush, citing that he was “God’s President” and that by waging war in Iraq, President Bush was “spreading the word of God.” The report then showed them standing in a circle, in their frumpy fashions, praying aloud and asking the good Lord to put his chosen president in place to lead America. Further scenes showed the congregation standing around singing and clapping out of time to some old praise song being banged out of an equally old piano by an even older lady.

“Is this war more of a crusade, do you think?” asked the interviewer to one female member of the congregation.
“Well of course! This is about proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ, bringing the gospel to a part of the world that has been lied to throughout history.”
“Would you then describe this as a Holy War?”
Without hesitation the woman responded, “Absolutely.”

I could only sit there shaking my head in disbelief. This isn’t a Holy War, this is supposed to be a war about freedom and liberty, though many speculate that…. [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]