Okay, nearly 1:30am here in England, and I am about to sit and watch the RedSox play the Yankees in a game that could see them going to the World (that’s a joke) Series.

Monday nights game went on to 12 innings but Channel 5 who were showing the game here could only show it until 6am at which point they had to go to the daytime TV schedule. That was at the start of the 11th – how frustrating! Tuesday’s game wasn’t shown here at all, and if tonight goes to beyond the expected time… Oh heavens, I don’t even want to think about it.

The stupid thing is I actually don’t really understand baseball at all! I’m a Brit for heavens sake! We play Cricket and when we get people out we clap and say things like “Jolly good old chap.”

I do love going to Baseball games though. I’ve been to a few in Boston and a couple in California. I love that atmosphere, despite the fact I never really know what the heck is happening.

Back in 1999 I went to a RedSox game with friends in Boston and I recorded the experience and made a little radio show then threw it online. It’s still online so feel free to hear an Englishman get really very confused about the absolutely American ball game. It’s not cricket, that much is certain!

Reality Radio at the RedSox game