This time next week I’ll be in Southern India. I’ve been asked to go out there with a charity called Salt of the Earth to take photographs of the work being done there. I’m actually going for a corporate customer of mine who has donated a large sum of money to that charity and wants to get the positive PR from that.

I’m flying to London on Thursday night because it’s just easier to do that than drive to London. Then on Friday morning we catch a GulfAir flight to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It’ll just be a short stop there before we fly the remainder of the way to Trivandrum on the South West coast of India.

I’ll be out there for just seven days working in the poor area of Tamil Nadu where two thirds of the Children suffer from malnutrition that could be cured with just two locally made cookies that would cost about a penny a day to produce. Clean water is scarce, collected by women who carry huge containers of water on their heads for several miles to get water back to their homes. Most of the people in this impoverished region live under the national poverty line of $500 a year!

The gap between rich and poor in India is, according to the DVD that I got from Salt of the Earth today, “unimaginable to most.”

I think it could be an amazing week and a hard week. I’ll have my laptop with me and will hopefully get some time to write stuff for Meanwhile. All I have to do now is figure out what power plug India uses and to remember that I have to take these Malaria tablets now every day for the next 8 weeks!

If this trip goes well then there are plans to go out to Africa and South America next year too.

Salt of the Earth
Facts about the region
A map of the area