I got U2’s latest album with a name so silly I can’t bring myself to write it. My first impressions is that the album is “bloody excellent!” But then being in my early 30’s it’s something of a given that the chances are I would be in to U2. But it seems I am not alone in my enthusiasm for this album, plenty of other people are singing its praises too.

However, earlier today i was made to feel old by a 17 year old girl who I was giving a ride to. She’s the apprentice from the hairdressers downstairs, a sweet girl who is always up on the latest fashions and fads. Pretty typical of a 17 year old I would have thought.

I began telling her how much I am enjoying the latest U2 album and she asked “U who?”
“U2.” I said.
“U what?”
“Is that a band or something?” She replied.
I shot a look across at her to check and see if she was just winding me up, but no, her face said she was dead serious. She honestly had no idea who U2 were.
“Hello, U2, only like the biggest rock band in the world. You know Bono, Edge etc etc.”
“Boney?” She said with a puzzled tone.
“No, Bono. You know… Bono!” I said with the hint of disbelief of her ignorance in my voice.
“Is Bono a band?” She asked.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could anyone in the western world not know who Bono is.
“No, Bono is the lead singer of U2.” I explained
“Bono is his name? Err. Hello… Stupid name alert.” Came the sarcastic response of a person who was making me feel very old.
“Yeah, kuz Eminem is such a great name isn’t it.” It wasn’t the best retort, but you have to understand I was somewhat bowled over.
She snatched back with a sharp voiced response.
“It’s better than Boney 2!” And with that where could I go. I was sitting in the car with a girl who thought that one of the worlds most successful rock bands was called ‘Boney 2’.

It reminded me of a similar situation when I was a similar age to her. I was being given a ride home by my boss who was tapping his fingers to some music that I brashly labelled as “utter rubbish.” it turns out that the music was that of Led Zepplin. “I though a Led Zepplin was a motorbike” I said in all seriousness.

The next day I was given three Led Zepplin tapes made the previous night by my boss. He instructed me to go into the back room and listen to all three of them back to back in order to “redress the imbalance and give me some perspective.”

I never became a fan of Led Zepplin and never really appreciated my then bosses enthusiasm for their, as I thought, “dreary” music. In the same way I doubt that 17 year old Lucy will rush out and buy the latest U2 CD. Instead she is more likely to download some hip hop that has all the content and merit of a musical McChicken nasty produced by the same factory that has just released the comically titled ‘very best of Britney Spears’ as if that were at all possible.

I guess if ever I needed a reminder of the fact that I was 17 a long time ago, that was it.

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