Quite a few people have commented over time about my photography and the pictures I use in the ‘logo’ space at the top of the page. So with that in mind I thought I’d take a moment to share with you the full size versions of the pictures I’ve recently used in the ‘logo’ space, and tell you where they are from and all that stuff.

The picture above was taken on the 99 from Fresno, California, to San Francisco a couple of summers ago. We rented a car and headed to ‘Frisco’ with no particular plan and just had a really mellow day driving around listening to ‘Redemption’s Son’ by Joseph Arthur and stopping by places that looked interesting. It’s become one of my favorite pictures and is typical of my very un-pro ‘point and click’ style.

This picture was taken last year in Fresno while I walked to ‘The Revue’ cafe in the Tower District one typically hot afternoon. The scene just appealed to me, the lines, the abundance of the color blue and the oddly abandoned bit of living room furniture.

I can’t tell you exactly where these pictures were taken, but we’ve all seen a similar thing ourselves at least once right? The view of fluffy clouds out of a plane window is probably over Northern Canada flying to or from the States. The blurred car on a highway looks to me like it would be a UK highway, taken while I was driving – what a mad man!

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