Now, I can’t tell you exactly what all ten commandments are but the man in this film, by Scott Smith, breaks all ten before breakfast!

It’s a funny little film, though it would be better if it maybe gave us a clue what all the commandments were when he broke them, rather than just numbering them.

Let me see. Can I guess what the big ten are?
1. Don’t murder someone.
2. Don’t steal.
3. Don’t covert your neighbors wife.

Hmm. It would appear I need to brush up on my ten commandments as I have only managed to recall three. I can only remember the ‘covert thy neighbors wife’ one because it seems a little specific. But then it’s not a problem for me. My neighbor on the left isn’t married, and the neighbor on the right is married to a woman who is, how should I say this, mature and big boned. For me she is entirely uncovertable.

An imperfect ten