This isn’t in the best taste really. It appeared in a UK paper and is based around the perceived hyper-paranoia of armed UK police in London who wrongly shot dead a Brazilian on the London Underground earlier in the year.

At the time there was outrage at the fact that the wrongly suspected terrorist who was held down by two plain clothed police officers while another plain clothed police officer emptied his gun into the head on the 27 year old man at point blank range.

Only a tiny proportion of UK police officers carry firearms in reflection of the fact that firearm incidents are few and far between in Great Britain.

After the shooting people were said to be very nervous about carrying backpacks on the London Underground as Police had initially given this as one of the reason they shot Jean Charles de Menezes a total of eight times with hollow point or dum-dum bullets (seven times in the head at point blank range and once in the shoulder).

Police eventually blamed ‘bad intelligence’ for the killing and apologized to the mans family.

UK Police shoot man ‘execution style’