I was going to lead this little Friday ‘found on the web’ post with a website that imaginatively takes Mr Bush’s speeches and remixes them. But in the end, knowing how some of you get so wound up over me taking shots at the boy Bush, I thought I’d go with something a little lighter.

So meet 19 year old Gary Brolsma of Saddle Brook New Jersey. In December last year he recorded a little clip of him lip syncing to some terrible Romanian pop song by Ozone called ‘Dragon Din Tei’ which seems to have very little to do with dragons.

Supposedly the video was a joke Gary recorded for him and his buddies to enjoy, but as these things do, somehow it dot out there on the worldwide web practically propelling him to internet superstar status like the ‘Star Wars kid’ before him.

Gary sings his big ol’ heart out and amusingly dances away to the song without getting out of his chair. The video has swept the net making people around the world laugh out loud. Suddenly Gary isn’t just some anonymous boy working in a Staples store in New Jersey anymore. For a few fleeting moments his name is making it onto the pages of the New York Times and newspapers across the world as well as TV shows like ‘The Today Show.’

In fact Gary’s ‘Numa Numa dance’ is now prompting tribute videos! In the coming months there are sure to be more as people around the globe kick back and mimic the care-free spirit in which the chunky chap from New Jersey filmed what was to be his 15 minutes of fame. One such video shows a computer training suite full of people doing Gary’s ‘Numa Numa’ dance.’

Gary himself hasn’t spoken out much about his unexpected time in the spotlight, but he seems to be enjoying it. If it were nearer Christmas my money would be on a Gary Brolsma dancersize video!

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