I heard a tune today, not really good enough to earn the title of ‘song’, but then I don’t think it was really meant for great success. However it is enjoying a great deal of success online as people, particularly those familiar with the joys of the London Underground (known as ‘The Tube’), pass it on to others. This then is me doing the same.

Now, before you go clicking on that link below I must forewarn you of a somewhat excessive use of the kind of language that good God fearing, clean living, Christian folk might find offensive. So if you are someone who would find that offensive, or if you are a flag waving ‘God Bless Bush’ Republican with a Bush & Cheney 04′ Bumper sticker, the DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK! However if you are someone of a slightly more broad minded outlook, then you might find this funny.


To accompany the brief tune I dug out a couple of pictures I took in London back in August last year.

London Underground song
Official London Underground website