In the light of the comments made on my last post, I decided that today I would celebrate Old Glory and my love of America with this monster montage of pictures I have taken of the American flag.

In my last post some people suggested that I perhaps to don’t like America, that I’m “anti-America.’ In reality nothing could be further from the truth – and I am serious. I genuinely LOVE America!

America saved my life back when I lived out there for a short while in 1992. It gave me a chance to start a-fresh, to get some perspective on things and to broaden my horizons in a way that only living in a foreign land can do.

Since that time I have travelled to America regularly, spending weeks on end there every year. Kicking back relaxing, meeting new people, having new experiences and most importantly for America… spending my money!

One should not confuse my dislike of Americas current political situation as a dislike of the country itself. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I’m an Englishman that it would seem many of my humorous quips at America are lost on Americans and seen instead as ‘America bashing’ rather than harmless banter that it is.

America is so much a part of who I am a friend once commented that if you were to cut me I would bleed stars and stripes! My love of the country, and my exceptionally close relationship to it, saw me play the role of ‘surrogate’ American to many people in the aftermath of 9/11. As you can imagine, such was the international shock and following sympathy for America, that many people wanted to reach out to Americans and offer their sympathies. For those who didn’t actually know an American I became the next best option, despite the fact that at the time I knew no-one effected by those events.

Briton is not a ‘flag flying’ kind of country, but I hung a huge American flag on my house and placed an American flag sticker on the rear window of my car. Many of the papers here printed pull page American flags for people to place in their windows or wherever, providing them with a way of showing their support and sympathy to a nation so terribly wounded.

Shortly after 9/11 I travelled to New York City to re-acquaint myself with the skyline and to pay my respects. I can’t explain to you why I needed to do that, but I just did. As a young man in love with the buildings of the world that touched the sky, standing atop of those iconic twin towers in Manhattan became a life goal for me. I dreamed of one day standing there looking down at the world, 110 stories below me. Seven years after first stepping foot on American soil I finally achieved that ambition as I walked out onto the roof of the North Tower.

I have travelled from coast to coast across America by road, woven a vast web of vapor-trails spanning thousands of miles in American skies, and walked among the skyscrapers that so inspiringly reach for the stars in search of the American dream. If home is where the heart is, then anytime I am in America, I am home.

I have met a great deal of wonderful and interesting people in the United States, and along the way I have made some friendships that I feel sure will last for many years to come. So excuse me for not loving your President or the way your leaders act upon the international stage, but know that for the little it’s worth America has a true friend in me.

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