You may have seen this series of pictures already, but to start the week after a torrid weekend for me, I thought I’d post something amusing.

The pictures were taken late last year by someone in the bay of Roundstone, County Galway, Ireland. A little hunting around online unearthed the tale behind the sequence of pictures. According to the official website for Roundstone a young man managed to somehow drive his car over the pier into the water in the “wee small hours” of Saturday morning. Local resident, Mary King, alerted another resident, Sean de Courcey, who heroically jumped into the bay and rescued the young man from the submerged vehicle and pulled him to safety, then probably had a pint of Guinness and a sing song with him, such is the Irish way.

The nest day a crane was called and what happened next is apparent by the series of pictures. Amazingly nobody was hurt in the event, however it’s unclear how much Guinness was consumed while residents planned how to deal with the situation.

Apparently, this kind of incident is not uncommon at Roundstone Pier and local residents are keen to see some kind of guard rail or other safety barrier put in place to prevent something tragic happening.

I looked for a website for Michael Long crane hire in the hope that he was using the pictures to demonstrate that his trucks were the right tools for the job. Unfortunately it would appear Mr Long doesn’t have one, an opportunity missed I feel. Ah well.

One observation is that there would appear to be absolutely no Gardai (Police) present at this incident. Such is the way of the Irish I suppose :-)

The bay on a nice day
Roundstone’s little community website