I’m feeling like a strange color blue. Not sad, just blue, and for no reason it would seem. I just spent a great evening with Posh (otherwise known as Rachel), then went and did grocery shopping on the way home.

On the highway back to my place I was the only car on the deserted road. I wasn’t feeling speedy so I tootled along at 60pmh as Josh Ritter’s ‘Baby that’s not all’ played on the stereo.

When I got back I unpacked the shopping and then came up here. I just sat in front of the Mac and then read the comments on my last post, then surfed around a few of my subscriptions and a few other peoples blogs.

I think the highway did it. From the moment I left the store there seems to have been nobody else around. No one on the road, no one on the street where I live, nobody on IM, no planes drawing moonlit white lines across the night sky. Sigur Ros ‘Njosnavelin’ is playing and I don’t think that’s helping. I have no idea what the guy is singing about but it sounds like I feel right now. The world may well have ended and somehow I’m left behind just writing this aimless post that will most likely be deleted once I’ve made a cup of tea and had a little snack.

I think I’ll sit on my window ledge and wait for a car to drive past or some other evidence that I’m not the only person left alive after some strange and final event in world history.