In the Air France magazine on the long flight from Atlanta to Paris there was an article about French photographer Pierre Javelle and Japanese creative type Akiko Ida, who between them had created a strangely facinating world of little people working and playing on and in food.

I’d tell you more about the duo but unfortunately the extent of my French allows me to tell you only my name and that I like your fish. The article, though very interesting I’m sure, looked like C’blur l’blur l’blur c’blur l’mur j’mur to me.

A quick Google around the web didn’t teach me much more other than the creation of these little people takes a very long time.

While Googling aound though I discovered a website that give you 249 ways to enjoy toast and another that gives you the recipie for a 30,000 calorie sandwich. I became sidetracked as I clicked on links to strange and funny foods which included the ‘Tokyo bust pudding’, which pretty much is what you think it is. Or how about a tasty bowl of ‘Shito mix?’ (I kid you not!).

However I decided my search had gone far enough when I ran into cock favored soup which is apparently available at Vons! Indeed this is no ordinary cock soup, it seems that it is better than that – it’s authentic spicey jamaican cock soup! For those who might relish the taste of cock you’ll be pleased to know you can even buy it online for under a dollar. Though that particular online store require you to make a minimum order of $15 so you might be eating cock for a considerable amount of time!

The french site of the little people creators
More pictures of those little people
Shito mix
Cock flavored soup