Obviously we don’t celebrate Independence day here in the UK, though when we eventually kick out Tony Blair and all his cronies we very well might do, but that’s another matter entirely. Today is like any other in the UK. No fireworks, no stars and stripes, no hand on the heart songs, just a day like any other. Nonetheless I thought I’d wish all my American friends a happy 4th of July and share a few of my ‘Old Glory’ pictures with you.

I’ve celebrated some great Independence Day’s in the States. The best had to be in Boston at day long celebrations in the gardens of the city. A fly past, a massive and astounding firework display, a concert, and much more. It was a day when even I felt proud to be an American, and I’m not even an American!

Then there was last year. On the beaches of Oregon talking to the masses of people who had gathered to set off fireworks and drink beer. We had a beach front hotel and the night seemed to last forever, it was just great. I got a chance to chat with loads of people and was in my element just making all those random connections and soaking up the friendly atmosphere. The 4th of July is one of my favorite times to be in America. I wish we did something even half as good as that for April 23rd over here.