Shock horror, the current Miss America, 21 year old Tara Conner, may not be a little angel. Instead, as shocking as it might seem, she may like to party just like any other 21 year old American girl.

I’m not entirely sure why the BBC chose to run a report about Miss Conners. Cynically I wonder if it wasn’t just so they could legitimately post a picture of a pretty blonde girl in a bikini on their website. I, of course, don’t need a reason to post such a picture on my blog, but if it’s good enough for the beeb, then it’s good enough for me. Heaven forbid we should become distracted by real news or any such thing!

Interestingly enough I notice that the Fox News website used the same picture of Miss Conner on their site but they cropped the picture just above her boobs. Presumably they felt a bikini clad 21 year old girl was just way too liberal for their audience. Maybe then they are the same people who were shocked at the news that Miss America behaves just like any normal 21 year old American girl. She drinks, dances, and though this can’t be confirmed, she may even kiss boys!

Yes it’s deeply shocking news I know! But there you have it. Tara Conner from Kentucky is normal and because of this she was nearly stripped of her Miss America title. After all, what kind of example is she setting to all the other 21 year old girls she meets at bars and clubs in New York!

After reports that Miss Conner liked to drink and party (she was under age drinking in New York) she was summoned to a meeting in Manhattan with the owner of the Miss Universe contest, Donald Trump. It was expected that Conner would be de-crowned for her transgressions into normal behavior.

It wouldn’t be the first time a reigning Miss America would have had to pass her crown the the runner up. In 1983 Vanessa Williams was crowned the first black Miss America, but after pictures of her showing of her ‘Janet Jackson’s’ surfaced she was forced by an unforgiving America to give up the tiara. This time, however, Donald Trump was more forgiving declaring instead he has “always been a believer in second chances.”

Presumably in the wake of the recent stories about Miss America being a ‘party girl’ she will be in a string of public appearances with old people, recovering injured animals, and sick children. I can’t say I’ll post any of those picture here any time soon.

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