Not that I need it, or even particularly want it, but this week my mate Will and I are heading out once again to Scotland for a weeks vacation. This time however, we’re going to do so in a motorhome!

Will booked time off work ages ago and had long been looking forward to this little week away. I, on the other hand, had completely forgotten about it! In fact as we set off for Scotland tomorrow I will have only been back from America for two weeks, hardly enough time to get back into the routine of things.

The motorhome idea was something of a late one. But those of you who have visited the UK will appreciate just how expensive it is to do anything here, the idea of touring around in a motorhome is supposed to keep the costs down. On reflection though, given that gas in Scotland will be over $10 a gallon, I doubt we’ll save much if anything.

The original plan was to buy some old junker camper van, but the availability of cheap camper vans is very thin on the ground because of the world cup next month. They are selling like hot cakes to groups of ‘lads’ going to Germany to watch the England games. We were only going to buy it for a short time and then simply sell it on our return. The rental motorhome is costing £425 ($802) and we’re having to drive to the East coast to pick it up so we’ll probably drive up the east coast of Scotland then around to the west and down again before swinging back east to drop it off next Sunday (22nd).

A lot is going in in my life at the moment, and I’ll be honest when I say that I am not really that excited about going away to Scotland. Like I say, I’ve only just come back from America and I feel like I am taking liberties having another week off only two weeks after having time off. But I’m pretty sure it’ll be fun though. Maybe this is just what I need?