That’s the question posed by Jason Freeman who has created a clever, but ultimately useless, little Java program that he says describes who you are and what you listen to by creating a short sonic signature of your iTunes music library.

Freeman is an assistant professor in the music department at the Georgia Institute of Technology and has had his interactive installations and software art exhibited at the Lincoln Center Festival, the Boston CyberArt Festival, and the Transmediale Festival as well as featured in the New York Times and on NPR.

Hi iTunes Signature Maker (iTSM) analyzes your music collection and creates a short audio signature to represent who you are and what you listen to. After it checks your system configuration and asks you a few simple questions, iTSM will spend a few minutes analyzing your collection and generating the audio signature.

The audio files it produces are turbulant yet strangely charming musical melee. It reminds me of the start of the movie Contact. If you have iTunes on your computer try it, and he even allows you to share your mix on his website, so if you do then make sure you post a link in your comment. They’re very interesting.

Create your iTunes Signature Mix
My iTunes signature mix
I had it do another one for me (better I think)
Jason’s signature mix
Other people’s signature mixes
Apple iTunes
The first scene of the movie Contact