Let me just say, that was a bloody good night! I’ve not had that much fun at work in I don’t know how long! My ears are still ringing

Lately I’ve kinda gone to work at the club to take pictures because I have to not because I want to. I usually have a good enough time when I’m there, and I always smile brightly and greet everyone like they’re long lost friends of course. But it’s work, and I’m paid to be there and sometimes that’s the only reason for the big smiles. But not tonight. Tonight was bloody excellent!

We had a U2 tribute band called ‘Elevation’ playing and they were really great! Not the usual kind of band we might have play, so it was interesting to see how they would be taken. But the crowd loved them with people singing along and in really great spirits!

Maybe it’s just because it’s December and Santa came to the club, I don’t know? But it was a really excellent night. Elevation were damn loud, REALLY damn loud! It was funny to see our bar staff dancing on the bar to U2 songs!

At one point I shouted in the the owners ear “These guys are great!” He shouted back “What?” So I repeated “These guys are great!!” “What?” He said again. So at the top of my lungs right into his ear I shouted “This band is really good!!!!” He looked at me blankly and said “I can’t hear ya mate.” So I pointed at the band then gave him two thumbs up to which he realised what I’d been saying and nodded enthusiastically. “Lets have these guys back in the new year!” I shouted. “What?” He said. I laughed and gave up trying to have a conversation of the blaring music which I’m pretty sure was breaking all kinds of noise restriction laws.