As I watch the evening news people are going to the polls in the United States to vote in these ‘most watched’ mid term elections that could render President Yahoo the lamest of lame ducks Presidents.

Of course it looks close, so I wonder if this election result in the so called ‘land of the free’ will end up being decided in court? With news electronic voting machines and reports already springing up of vote rigging and voter intimidation I suppose we should expect so.

Despite this being essentially a local election in the U.S, coverage here and across the world has been plentiful. President Bush is hugely unpopular outside the United States and with this midterm being so closely watched by the world it’s fair to say that many are watching in the hope that the President will be dealt a harsh political blow today. Having said that the general feeling among those I have spoken seems to be that there would be little surprise if the the republicans pull of a sweeping victory today. This, after all, is a country that put Bush in office for a second term, so with that in mind, anything seems possible.

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