I was spammed the other day by someone wanting a job. Nothing too strange there, I get a lot of such emails, many of which I know are spam. But this particular one took an amusingly different stance.

The email apparently came from the Hungarian address of one Calin Ana who for some reason decided to attach a picture of a woman looking sultry to the top of the email. It would seem that ‘Calin’ felt that ‘her’ chances of getting a job were better if she looked shaggable, and thus was attached the picture in which the girl does indeed rate high on the shagability factor. But alas confusion is abound.

‘Ms Ana’ for some reason placed the name Rodica Bentan at the top of the email. Who is Rodica Benton? Plus the email actually came from an address of one Fehér Trans, who a quick Google reveals is a male from Hungary who is looking for programming jobs. Of course alarm bells ring not just because this is spam but because the mention of ‘Trans’ now makes me look at the picture of our friend ‘Calin’ and wonder if Feher is maybe a switch hitter?

The email, like all the others, was quickly deleted. Ms Ana, Mr Trans and Rodica Benton are all out of luck again.