I think this photographers work is amazing. I went to see an exhibition by him a while back and was astounded and somewhat saddened by his photography of a ‘free’ Afghanistan and Iraq.

As I looked at the pictures I tried to stretch my imagination what life must be like for people where scenes like this are not uncommon. Thing is, as good as my imagination is, I know it could stretch that far.

Below are just a few of the pictures by Simon Norfolk.

Former teahouse in a park next to the Afghan Exhibition of Economic and Social Achievements in the Shah Shahid district of Kabul. Balloons were illegal under the Taliban, but now balloon-sellers are common on the streets of Kabul providing cheap treats for children.

A government building close to the former Presidential palace at Darulaman, destroyed in fighting between Rabbani and the Hazaras in the early 1990’s.

Bullet-scarred apartment building and shops in the Karte Char district of Kabul. This area saw fighting between Hikmetyar and Rabbani and then between Rabbani and the Hazaras.

Destroyed military and cicillian radio installations on Kohe Asmai (known as ‘Radio TV Mountain) in central Kabul. Looking towards the west of Kabul.

Wrecked Ariana Afghan Airlines jets at Kabul Airport pushed into a mined area at the edge of the apron.

Bullet-scarred outdoor cinema at the Palace of Culture in the Karte Char distruct of Kabul.

Photography by Simon Norfolk