Despite the fact that my last post totally bombed (groan!) I thought I would share with you all another interesting way that weaponry has found a way to live out a somewhat greener life. Recycled bomb tables!

While looking for a picture to illustrate my last post I came upon a company in California (but of course!) called MotoArt that are recycling old bombs and turning them into tables for use in trendy bars or homes of people who aren’t worried about the damage having a bomb in your house might do to its feng shui.

The bomb tables are made out of redundant (and completely disarmed) bombs such as the MK-81 and MK-84 bombs which were used in the Vietnam war and the second world war. Various incarnations of the tables are available including ones with lights and iceboxes for keeping drinks chilled. However the high price of war is also reflected in the price of the tables which range from $799 for a small MK-81 bomb table (pictured) to $1,499 for the Mk-84 illuminated bomb tables.

Also available is the Aqua-Bomb which is a 10 gallon fish tank fabricated out of the MK-84 bomb. Costing a heart-stopping $3,950 the Aqua Bomb comes complete with pump, filter and lighting unit and is available in seven colors.

But as fun as the recycled bomb furniture might be, there are of course some who disapprove. One commenter on the treehugger website calls the bomb tables “frivolous” and a “feng shui disaster.”

“People in Iraq and Afghanistan are still getting REAL bombs in their houses.” Says ‘rworrell’. “I’d rather see the bomb shaped casings melted down and made into useful utensils with no indication of their past purpose.”

Bomb tables
MK bomb series