I rescued a ladybug today as it got trapped in a small pool of water created by a sudden and unexpected soaking from my watering can. It was completely submerged and caught my eye as it furiously flapped its little legs aroundin a desperate effort to avoid drowning. I reached in and pulled the little bug to safety placing it on the leaf of a nearby tree.

I left it there and didn’t really give it a second thought. That was until much later when I was stood in the garden on the phone chatting and it again caught my eye. The bright red color stood out on the green of my little birch tree that grows just outside the door that leads into my yard.

I leaned in close wondering to myself if this could be the same ladybug that I’d pulled from the water filled pot earlier? Of course I had no way of knowing, but I had a feeling it was. How come it hadn’t flown away? Was it stuck? I looked closely at it as it walked from leaf to leaf that are themselves covered in smaller bugs.

In the end I couldn’t really work out why the bug hadn’t simply flown away. But as I watched it wondering what it was doing I decided snap a few pictures of it. Maybe if it hadn’t been a lady bug I wouldn’t have felt so inclined to get my camera, or rescue it in the first place come to that. Of all the bugs that crawl and fly, lady bugs don’t seem to bug anyone.