The video clip below is a news report that suggests that having a friend with cancer might actually be good for your health because you are more likely to take up running or other such physical activities in order to raise money for those suffering from the disease.

Of course the news report is entirely fictitious and some might say it crosses the line into bad taste. The Onion produced the video and many more like it for their new twice weekly podcast.

The Onion have a long history of getting close to, and in some people’s opinion crossing, the line that divides humor and bad taste. After the attacks of September 11th the front page of the spoof newspaper showed one the towers bursting into flames as the second plane smashed into it. The headline across the picture read “HOLY SHIT!”

Carol Kolb, the Editor in Chief of the Onion said that the decision to bring some humor to that awful event was a very tough one to make. “Some staff members were shocked that we were doing an issue that week, and argued that it would offend people,” Kolb said. “We thought that it would be false not to comment on the mood at the time and, luckily, people understood.”

If you’re not afraid of cringing as you feel bad for laughing then the Onion News Network podcast is well worth watching. However if you need to take life seriously all the time then steer clear of it.

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