It’s my birthday, and despite the fact that I am undeniably old enough to be far more laid back about such things, I am always excited about my birthday!

Of course, back when I was a kid I still had to go to school on my birthday. But ever since I’ve been working I have never once worked on my birthday. To me it is a holiday and always will be.

As a kid I used to have a little party of some description. My friends would come over and we would play games, eat cake, and generally get completely over-excited. In my late teenage years alchol (and girls) got introduced to the celebrations and this usually led to those wonderfully blurred nights where January’s cold bite was unable to get it’s teeth into me, if only just for one night.

These days I still throw a party, but they no longer involve lying half naked in the snow laughing at how long it has taken to walk only a short distance from the pub. Instead various friends come over to my place where we all sit around and generally behave like grown ups, sipping our drinks and enjoying a conversation instead of gulping back the booze as if we were living in the days of prohibition while at the same time shouting over the hidious din of music being blasted out of a cheap Japanese hifi. Just before making our way out to a restaurant I set off a bunch of fireworks in the yard to the usual “ooohs” and “aahhs” that always accompany fireworks.

The usual party isn’t tonight though. Like the Queen I have two birthday’s. I celebrate the day as you might expect, then the party usually follows the following weekend. So this Saturday a group of us will be observing the party traditions with fireworks, and a meal at a country club not far from here. See, I told you, I love my birthday, it’s still totally exciting to me!

Anyway, as a little fun for my birthday I thought I’d share this game with you. Some of you might remember an old game from the 80’s called ‘Simon.’ The idea of the game is that you mimick the sound sequence of the ‘Simon‘ by pressing the sound buttons. If you’ve never played this before then here’s your chance! Have fun!

You need the <a href="" target="_blank">Flash 5</a> plugin to play this game.