After crashing my MG the insurance company today sent a salvage truck to come and collect the battered car which is uneconomical to repair. As funny as it might seem, even though there was no need for me to be there, I wanted to bid my smashed car a fond farewell as it was taken away on the back of a truck. Funny isn’t it, how attached we become to things.

I suppose the reason why I feel a certain sadness at watching my little MG get taken away in such unspectacular fashion is because owning this car was a goal of mine a few years ago.

When I started my company I set my heart on getting a British Racing Green MGF. I’d wanted one since they first came out in 1995. I imagined myself driving on the open road with the top down and the stereo playing my favorite music, just loving life and enjoying every second of the drive. The reality didn’t dissapoint me.

The car was a beast to drive, uncomfortable, impracticle, and amazingly noisy at speeds over 50mph, but when the sun shines it seemed that all its shortcomings could be overlooked. With the sun on your face and the wind in your hair you get the feeling that life’s too short to drive an ugly car.