So I am in America and once again I am luggageless, and pretty soon I’ll be homeless too! After canceling my Boston connection from New York yesterday, Continental Airlines then put me on stand-by for later flights, but due to storms many of them were cancelled. In the end though I was lucky enough to get to Boston while many people were left stranded and sleeping in the terminal at Newark.

Once in Boston I didn’t bother waiting to see if my luggage was on the carousel. Instead I went straight to the lost-luggage office and made a report, then upon returning to the carousel I learned what I knew would be the case, my luggage was “delayed.” With my hand luggage and a complimentary bag of toiletries I left the airport.

The airline tell me that the luggage will be delivered to my friend Anne’s house this afternoon, hopefully in time for me to change and have a shave in time for the wedding dinner after the wedding rehearsal. Otherwise I’ll be going to that looking like an escaped convict.

However, what looks set to make life that much more interesting is that I appear to be marooned in Houston when I arrive there on Monday. I was under the impression that I was staying at Shae’s for a couple of so nights from the 2nd, but I just spoke to Shae and he’s in Virginia and won’t be back in Houston until the 4th! So not only do I look homeless at the moment, I might very well soon actually be homeless! I’m thinking of getting a shopping cart when I arrive in Houston and making that the ‘hobo’ part of my trip. All I have to do is develop a tweak and perfect my paranoid mumblings.

Lost luggage found in Houston dumpter
Can I have my luggage now please