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June 2008

GeneralTuesday, June 3rd, 2008, (8:15 pm)

I’ve never noticed this before, but apparently our Royal Mail service have mastered time travel which is surely a very useful ability to have in their line of work.

A confused red British postbox

This afternoon I took a brisk stroll to the post box to drop off some mail before last collection. I wasn’t sure what time the last collection was so I checked the mailbox to see. It was then when I understood the secret behind the efficiency of our great British postal system… time travel!

The collection times notice on the front of the post box reads “Last collection Mon-Fri 5:51 pm.” But right underneath that, for those people who might find they’ve missed that final collection, there is some further information. “A later collection is made from Lancelyn Court Post Office at 5:45 pm.”

It made me laugh anyway.

GeneralSunday, June 1st, 2008, (10:07 am)

This is my nephew Jacob, he’s 4 and a half years old and he has cancer. It’s a very aggressive cancer and the outlook is not looking at all rosey. My family is looking for a miracle and maybe you can help bring that about?

My 4 year old nephew, Jacob.

Jacob is my only nephew and is the twin brother of Summalee. He had some issues with his liver when he was born but he quickly got over that and has been a happy smiley little boy ever since. I don’t get to see them as often as I might like on account of the fact I live so far away, but whenever I am in town both the twins are always excited to see their ‘Uncle Simon.’ It’s fun being an uncle.

Jake has been ill for a while now though. At first my sister Louise and her husband Bryan didn’t think it was too serious. They figured he had a minor bug and would get better soon enough with the usual measures. But he didn’t and soon went off his food. After a few doctors appointments he was sent to the hospital for tests. When they went to the doctors for the results a few days later Jake was admitted to hospital right away and my sister and Bryan were given the awful news that little Jake has an extremely aggressive cancer that would seem to be widespread though his bone marrow. (Forgive me if these details sound a little wrong, to be honest I am not all that up with exactly what kind of cancer it is or where it is.)

Jacob & SummaleeAs you can imagine this has come as an awful surprise to my sister and Bryan, and to the family as a whole. The outlook isn’t great and there will be some long soul searching days ahead for sure, but I’m going to remain confident and believe that miracles do happen, but this is where Jake could do with your help to.

I know a lot of you believe in God so I am asking you to say prayers for Jake. My prayer is that I want him to make a complete and full recovery and live and long and happy life. But I guess you should pray for whatever you think is ‘prayable.’ I think the little guy needs all the help he can get so I am extending this request to you all in the hope that you’ll make a note and maybe tell a few other prayful people to mention my little nephew to God too.

I’m also concerned for my sister and brother in law. They have to deal with this which will undoubtedly be extremely stressful and at the same time they have to maintain a semblance of normality for Jake’s twin sister, Summalee. My brother is particularly close to the children too. After his wife died back in 2006 he spent a lot of time with the children because they didn’t have any expectations of him, they didn’t constantly ask him how he was or express sympathy, they just wanted to play with their uncle. My Mom and Dad seem to be okay, but this can’t be easy for them either.

It’s strange, I lived my whole life with no real significant deaths to deal with then all of a sudden my Granddad, my sister in law, and an old friend all died. It lead someone to comment that I always seemed to be writing tributes to dead people on my blog. Not the most subtle way of expressing that, but I knew what they meant because I felt the same. I don’t I absolutely DO NOT want to have to write one word in remembrance of little Jacob Marshall.

I know I am not the most spiritual person who has ever walked the face of the earth, but God, if you’re out there and you’re listening, show me something!

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