As another Valentines day draws to a close I thought I’d ask you to recall the craziest thing ‘love’ has ever made you do? Whatever it is, I bet the woman in the video below has got you beat.

With just a card table, two mics, a camera and a sign that reads “Interviews 50c.” NPR’s Alex Chadwick sits and waits to see what stories will come his way. This one has to be one of the more bizarre ones.

A 36 year old female lawyer from Dallas feels that her “biological clock” is ticking and that her hopes to start a family lie in personal ads. After conversing with a guy in Florida “a couple of times” said woman gives up her job, packs up her life, and drives to Florida to meet her Mr Right to maybe start a family. “I’m catholic, and I want to have a lot of kids.” She tells Chadwick.

She makes arrangements to meet her love-to-be in a restaurant in Key West, but along the way she is delayed visiting friends in Pensacola.

Her love-to-be sits in the restaurant and waits for her, but she doesn’t show up. Two days later she arrives at the restaurant, but surprise surprise he is not there. So, with her friend Anita, crazy Texas lady revisits the restuarant at the same time every night in the hope to meet her ‘Mr Right’.

Chadwick doesn’t mince his words. “Is this true?” “Yes of course,” Asserts the woman “Who could make up a story like this?” She continues. Who indeed!

Married five times