I know this is ridiculous thing to blog about, but I’ve just learned that a delicious drink I discovered in the Highlands of Scotland last year has been discontinued by its creators.

‘Amber’ is a whisky liqueur that is, or rather was, quite possibly the tastiest drink I have ever had the pleasure of sipping. Created by whisky makers The Macallan, Amber mixes their famous single malt scotch with maple syrup, pecans, and pear nectar. Just opening the bottle in any room of my apartment would fill the air with it’s rich aroma readying you for the taste to come.

It was created for the American market and therefore was difficult to come by here in the UK, and now it would seem what little stocks there were have all but dried up just as my bottle of this rare drink is about to run dry itself.

Despite visiting highland distilleries last year with my friend Susan, I have never developed a taste for whisky, but Amber was something else and nobody whom I have shared it with has disliked it. Even my whisky loving friend Zeb (Martin) found that the uniquely tasting drink went down surprisingly well.

The drink was on a limited release to Washington, Denver and Seattle after small-scale trials in Boston. However, after just over a year The Macallan have decided to discontinue it. Bottles are still available in the U.S. for as little as $30 (£15), but here in the UK the few websites that have it listed are selling it for upwards of £32, that’s almost $70! I can’t help but feel royally ripped off at that price, but nonetheless I’ll probably get myself one last bottle and save it for special occasions.

My friends have often times relentlessly teased me for drinking flavored coffee, smoking the occasional flavored cigar, and more recently drinking this flavored whisky liqueur. But while I haven’t developed a taste for whisky on its own, I have now developed a taste for these heavily flavored whisky liqueurs. Yes I know they’re primarily marketed to females, but I don’t care about all that. Now I have to find a new drink to occasionally indulge in. Any suggestions?

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