In a busy part of town NPR’s Alex Chadwick sets up a card table, two mics, a camera and a sign that reads “Interviews 50 ¢.” It’s not entirely clear if Chadwick pays them or they pay him, but nonetheless passers-by are willing to sit down a spare a few moments to tell him, and us, something of their story. In the four minute video below we meet Walter.

Walter, a fifty year old contractor interviewed in Baltimore, thinks he knows a thing or two about women. A veteran of five failed marriages he espouses his wisdom at the fifty cent interview table. “Women don’t like us, and don’t trust us.” By ‘us’ he of course means men in general. But according to Walter you can get – and keep – a woman by giving her the one thing they all want… security. He sums this up by explaining “If you give them security they’ll blow in your ear and follow you anywhere.”

Five marriages does seem like an awful lot of wedding cake, but Walter is a man of morals. “I believe in the sanctity of marriage,” He tells us. “I believe in that you don’t just sleep around. If you’re going to go to bed with a woman you’d better give her your heart and soul or don’t do it at all.” He goes on to reveal that as well as giving these women his heart and soul, they also get the house and car in the divorce.

At the time of the interview Walter was already planning to marry his sixth wife.