I know many of you are following the progress of my nephew Jacob as he battles cancer. So with that in mind I thought I would share this video of him and his twin sister, Sumalee, that I filmed yesterday (Tuesday).

It took something like five and a half hours to drive through the heavy traffic to Essex to see Jacob and Sumalee, but even though I was only with them for about fours hours it was worth the long journey.

Bearing in mind Jacob has only just had the operation to remove the tumor which he and Sumalee refer to as ‘the bug,’ he was as active and playful as ever. We ran around the garden, played with toys in the living room, built bridges out of lego, and even played musical statues to the music of Abba (my Mom’s choice I think?).

Every time I see him I’m amazed at this little guy. You or I would probably feel somewhat sorry for ourselves if we were in a similar situation, but Jacob has just adjusted and continued life as a little boy.

Back when his hair was first falling out from the chemotherapy Sumalee told me something which I think really illustrates the resilience of children. She said it was “funny” when his hair was falling out because they could take little clumps of it out of his head and put it on their top lips and pretend they had mustaches.

He was due back in hospital today for more tests before starting his high dose chemotherapy in a week or so. After that he’ll then be in isolation for about six to eight weeks. I’ll be in the States then, sending him postcards to add the the collection he’s been getting from people who, despite never having met the little guy, have been kind enough to send him and Sumalee postcards from all kinds of far flung places. Louise told me those cards actually lift the whole families spirits, so keep them coming, and remember, Jacob isn’t out of the woods by a long way yet, so please keep him in you thoughts and prayers.

About Jacob’s cancer – By his Mom