A number of people have been asking me about my little nephew, Jacob, who has been fighting cancer. So by way of an update to everyone who has been praying for Jake and sending good wishes out into the universe for him, you’ll be pleased to know he’s doing great and is currently enjoying making new friends at school.

Sumalee and Jacob

Having completed his chemo and radiotherapy earlier this summer Jake has been doing very well and enjoying lots of fun times at the families new holiday home in Norfolk. He gets especially excited about a nearby dinosaur park.

The excellent doctors and various medical staff from our National Health Service who have treated Jake are now closely monitoring his health. Obviously we are all hoping that the cancer does not re-occur, however if you’ve been praying for Jake, or sending good wishes his way then DON’T STOP NOW because whatever you’ve been doing has been working but he still needs all the prayers, good luck, good wishes, heavenly help, and miracles that he can get.

Finally, thank you to everyone who sent postcards to Jacob and Sumalee. Those postcards really lifted the spirits of not just the children, but my sister, Louise, and her husband Bryan, as well.

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