Many of you won’t have heard of the band Parachutes from Reykjavik, Iceland. However some of you may have heard of Sigur Rós, also from Iceland, and if you like them then I have a free music download I think you might enjoy.

Free Music downloads

Parachutes musical style is deeply mellow to the point of being almost melancholy at times. You might imagine their music playing as the soundtrack to some subtitled independent art film in which the actors never smile and smoke way too much.

They are, or rather they were, a nine member band from Iceland formed by an American musician by the name of Alex Somers. They recorded two albums and one EP and commonly experimented using household objects as instruments.

The albums are titled “Parachutes” and “Susy.” The three track EP, which is also in the free download, is called “Tree Roots” and is mixed by Jónsi of Sigur Rós. Download them here.

To get a sense of what they sound like check out videos of the band performing in Alex Somers’ living room and the sample track below.

If you download the music I would be interested to hear what you thought of it.

Parachutes : Your Stories (From the “Tree Roots” EP)

Download Parachute’s collection here
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