When people talk about New Zealand they talk about the beautiful landscape, mountains, lakes, and lush green forests. I was expecting that much, but it never really occurred to me that New Zealand would also be a dreamland for anyone who likes being behind the wheel.

On the road in New Zealand

On January 16th I drove to Mount Cook along open roads that snaked a path along Lake Tekapo and some absolutely stunning landscapes. On perfect ribbons of asphalt that rose, fell, and curved their winding way around the lakes waterways, I longed to be in my old MG with the roof down and the sun upon my face. These were drivers roads, the kind that sports cars are made for.

Unfortunately for me, my old MG was on the other side of the world and I was snaking my way along these amazing roads in a rented camper-van instead. But nonetheless they were fun to drive. Maybe one day I’ll return to New Zealand’s south island one summer with a fat wallet, posh hotels all booked, and a suitable soft top sports car primed and ready to eat up those fantastic open roads.

The breath-taking turquoise blue color of Lake Tekapo and its surrounding waters is not the result of over enthusiastic photoshopery, but rather the effect of ultra fine glacial rock particles in the water called ‘rock flour’. In combination with the sunlight this ‘rock flour’ creates Lake Tekapo’s unique water color.

Check out the picture that I published that day. I think it was the right choice, but this picture really captured the driving aspect of the day for me.