I took this picture five days in a row, convinced that it would eventually make it to publication on 366 pictures. Somehow, it never did.


A few times throughout 2012 I took the same picture a number of times in the hope that it would become the ‘picture of the day.’ Taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand, back in May, this one was a shot that I took several days in a row. I was convinced that it would eventually line up with the other pictures on the site. When I eventually left Chiang Mai I remember feeling a bit bad that this Buddha had missed out so many times, so I’m glad to be able to publish the photograph as part of the ‘bonus material.’

I liked the composition of the shot and actually had this as the desktop picture on my MacBook for quite a while. 366 pictures featured quite a few Buddha’s, and I think that was why this shot was so easy to overlook in favor of others.

Pictures that were published instead of the several versions of this shot included one of my favorite pictures of the year, the three monks as well as far away dreaming, Rex and the flying machine, a long way from sexy, and just another manic Monday