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Well it’s Christmas! Strange really kuz it’s almost like it has crept up on me unexpected this year! But I love Christmas time and I am looking forward to the whole thing. The food, the drinks, the pressies and even the motley crew back home in Chelmsford Essex!

This time last year I decided to drive home for Christmas in my little Mini. On the face of it, driving some 250 miles from here to Chelmsford didn’t seem like a bad idea. However as I found out, it was! The car exhausted its supply of oil by the time I had done 200 miles, and I was in the middle of Cambridgeshire with no oil and no prospects of finding a gas station for at least another 25 miles!

The Mini did actually get me back to my folks’ house but it sounded like it hurt, and as I found out when I tried to return, it had indeed hurt the car. A couple of days after Christmas, loaded up with gifts and luggage and again in the middle of Cambridgeshire, the Mini decided it had taken enough. Despite having enough oil on board to supply a small country, the little green Mini saw fit to explode its engine in a spectacular display of oily pyrotechnics! Added to that the electrics also expired.

It was cold and snowing, and I was on a road that had no streetlights! I walked for ages along the deserted A10 until I reached a call box and was able to phone for some roadside assistance… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]