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They say you shouldn’t drive a car when you are angry because in taking your anger out on the car, you may accidentally hurt someone. Do those same advisers think that getting behind a keyboard in anger is equally as ill advised? If so I am just about to go against their advice because I am here just about to write this weeks ‘Meanwhile’ and I am pissed off. Seriously pissed off at that!

I wish I knew what it was that people felt was ‘dodgy’ about me. I am thoroughly fed up with people using the word ‘dodgy’ in connection with me. For years people have branded me as some kind of threat or person to be weary of. From so called friends to absolute strangers, people have cast doubt over my character more times than I care to remember.

I’m not going to skate around this issue. Why should I watch my P’s and Q’s when there are those out there who would tarnish people’s opinion of me without a second thought? For years I have accepted the unfair labelling given to me by others. I have tried various different approaches of dealing with this from confrontation to ignoring it.

I have had preachers in churches label me as dangerous and then suffered the backlash of a whole bunch of ‘loving Christian folk’ treated me like some kind of sub-human and spread blatant lies about me. I have befriended a mother of a friend of mine when she needed a friend, only to have her rip into me whenever the opportunity arises. She has managed to color the opinion of others who now see me as dodgy and conveniently forget all the things I have done for them.

I have had a so called friend advise another friend of mine to steer clear of me because our friendship would “all end in tears”. I have had people who I thought were good friends express opinions about how they would “never go into business with Simon” because they couldn’t trust me.

Don’t these people think before they open their big mouths? Did they think these words would not get back to me? Or maybe they thought I wouldn’t care. Perhaps if it happened just once that would be the case, but for these people who I thought were friends to continually stab me in the back is really hard work to deal with… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]