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The other day I took delivery of my brand new Nokia 3310 mobile phone. Not usually someone to get excited about such things, I have to admit I did find myself mildly excited as I opened the colorful little box containing my pain in the ass 43 million ring tone mobile device.

Now I don’t really enjoy having a mobile phone. I find them to be more of a burden than a blessing. Since buying a sensible car I find myself in less need to call a tow truck to come a rescue me from some god forsaken roadside on a rainy night. And since moving to suburbia I rarely have the need to call the fire brigade to put out some burning car that has just been ‘joy ridden’ into the park. And since having a laptop I don’t need to do so much phoning as I can email people from damn near anywhere.

However, there is one slightly useful little feature about mobile phones that I do use from time to time; Text messaging. Now for those who have not got a mobile (are there people without mobiles?) or for those who are just clueless about ‘texting’, text messaging is a way of sending a short text message from one phone to another. It’s handy when you don’t want to or simply can’t actually make a call to someone.

Like most good idea’s, the world embraced it before the corporations. Since then the big money fat cats have been playing catch up and are now jumping all over the textual revolution. All of a sudden we are being encouraged to have text with one another, and positively wallow in a world of textual promiscuity.

These days my brand new vibrating pleasure phone doesn’t seem to actually ring anymore, it simply beeps and vibrates with joy at the ridiculous amount of text it gets.

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