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January 2004

Meanwhile articleThursday, January 15th, 2004, (6:35 pm)

Meanwhile : Articles written by Simon Jones

Thx 2 d technogeek hu lng ago found a way 2 allow mob fonez 2 snd txt msgz limited 2 1 hundred & 6T caractRs, it wud sEm dat ppl n d UK, especalE >-z undR d age of twenty two, hav 404 d ability 2 wrte simpl eng. insted dey nw onlE sEm abL 2 wrte n d emerging shrt& lngwij w d most uninspiring of uninventive nAmz; txt,’ az n txt msgz Usd on mob fonez. It’s d nu lngwij of f%lz, BetA even thN Esperanto!

Such iz my annoyance w d staggering penetration in2 our daily lives dat d SMS (sht msg services) phenomenon hz had, I hav cm ^ w a nu policy; I simply ignOr aL txt msgz snt 2 my mob fone unLS dey require a response 4 sAfT o important informational reasons. txt msgz such az “hA wot u ^ 2?” R nw met w silence, not a word, not even a word w letRz missing. Nuttin. howevR, f d prsn hu snt d txt msg chooses 2 caL me, thN datz k. I M :-) 2 chat on d fone, bt thumbing som badly RitN txt msg? n!

Lst Novmbr aloN I snt 178 txt msgz, Ech costing me 10p & taking me fR longer 2 typ thN it wud hav 2 simply spOkn d appropriate response. f d prsn had simply Usd d fone n d way Alexander Graham Bell had orginLE intended dey wud hav saved me a lot of tym & trouble sitN ther thumbing tiny ltl letRz onto a micro sized screen dat wiL surely do Nuttin bt incrEs my chncz of BcmN sht sighted!

Txt msgz R, on d whole, Nuttin bt a nuisance, an interruption & ofn a disruption. I hav considRD… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]

Meanwhile articleThursday, January 1st, 2004, (11:42 pm)

Meanwhile : Articles written by Simon Jones

It’s okay, God, I see you, between the North Atlantic and the stars. You’re making white lightning across a carpet of clouds below me, illuminating continent-sized liquid landscapes and the mountains of mist you created in a heartbeat.

There’s no one out here to see you, aside from the pilots of a sleeping plane flying toward the sunrise that won’t wait for an introduction before it meets us. Maybe there are boats below me, beneath the clouds that are providing you with this momentary distraction.

God, are you being creative or are you just playing? I used to think you only made thunder and lightning when you were angry. Having only ever seen a storm on the ground, I never before had the chance to see things from your point of view. But here between the ocean and the worlds above I share your appreciation for the beauty of a storm.

Far be it for me to say this, God, but be careful what you play with, okay? There are a lot of us down here now… [Click here to continue reading this article at ‘Meanwhile’]