Okay, so I finished the Calandar that I was having made for gifts. The pictures were a tough choice. After I went through my collection of photographs I’ve shot in the last 2 or three years I realized that i could do many themed calendars. so much so that I may actually look into this for next year with a view to getting some printed for sale.

In case you are interested the pictures above are the twelve final pictures for the months, starting at the top left with Jan and ending on the bottom right with December, obviously.

For those interested in locations of those pictures they are…
January : Vermont
February : Wales
March : Wales
April : Wales
May : Thurstaston, England (near where I live)
June : Thurstaston, England
July : Chicago
August : Tilamook, Oregon
September : Wales
October : England
November : Caldy, England
December, Boston, Mass

The pictures below are the rejected pictures. It turned out that the Calendar I made followed a kind of nature theme and warmed and cooled with the seasons. What would have been fun would have been to just had a calendar that featured pictures that I just enjoy, just for the hell of it, and not really following a theme.

My time in New York City could easily become a calendar all on it’s own. I could do other themes like architechture, reflections, sunsets and sunrises etc etc. I can’t be bothered to tell you about the pictures below, but if you are especially interested in one, just ask.